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Explore Our Extensive Range of High-Quality Products

A photo of a fireplace with a warm glow, exemplifying cozy Dallas-Fort Worth home design, installed by Soutwest Brick and Fireplace.


From traditional to contemporary designs, our fireplaces are crafted to enhance the comfort and ambiance of your living space. Explore our range of styles and find the perfect fireplace to become the heart of your home.

Fireplace Repair and Service

Ensure your fireplace remains a safe and inviting feature in your home with our professional repair and service options. Our experienced team in the Dallas-Fort Worth area is dedicated to maintaining the quality and safety of your fireplace.


Elevate your property with our exquisite stone collection. Our range includes both natural and engineered stones, ideal for various applications, from landscaping to interior decor.

Beth F.

"WOW! Southwest Brick & Fireplace is by far the most 5star company out there. Look no further. From scheduling to having someone come out, the customer service was exceptional."

Melinda S.

"Brian went above and beyond helping me to convert my fireplace from gas to wood burning. He was super responsive and knowledgeable about what needed to be done"

Michael A.

"We had two fireplaces serviced by Robert. What a great guy! It is a pleasure to deal with someone who takes the time to explain every step of the process."

Elegant home exterior featuring full-thickness stone in natural shades, showcasing durable and classic design perfect for Dallas-Fort Worth architectural styles.


Full-Thickness Stone

Experience the beauty and resilience of full-thickness stone.

Modern home adorned with Southwest Brick's thin veneer stone, showcasing a sleek and versatile facade that blends seamlessly with contemporary Dallas-Fort Worth architectural trends.


Thin Veneer Stone

Our thin veneer stones provide a flexible and stylish solution for interior and exterior designs.

A charming brick home exterior, installed by Southwest Brick, with a harmonious blend of traditional and modern design, reflecting the classic aesthetic of Dallas-Fort Worth residential architecture.



Discover our vast selection of high-quality bricks, perfect for adding a touch of elegance.

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