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A fireplace in a dark room, with cinematic bokeh around it.

How Often Should I Service my Fireplace?

A Simple Guide to Fireplace Service

It's that time of the year again. As the cold approaches in Dallas-Fort Worth, we all love the warmth and comfort our fireplaces bring to our homes. Here at Southwest Brick and Fireplace, we know all about keeping those fires burning safely. Let's get straight to the point and break down how often you should service your fireplace, no matter what type you have.

Wood-Burning Fireplace: Once a Year Service

If you’ve got a wood-burning fireplace, here’s the straightforward advice: get it checked once a year. Why?

  1. Cleaning: Over time, things like soot, ash, and a material called creosote build up in your chimney. Too much of this stuff, and you could have a fire hazard. For brick fireplaces, if you see about a ¼ inch of this build-up, it’s time for a clean. If you've got a metal fireplace, look out for a ⅛ inch of build-up.

  2. Looking for Trouble: Cracks, damage, or even blockages from birds or other critters can be dangerous. An annual look-over by a professional can catch these problems before they get serious.


Gas Fireplace? Service It Yearly Too

If you've gone the gas route, it’s still a good idea to get an annual checkup. Here's the lowdown:

  1. Vented Gas Logs: These are the pretty ones. They might not give off a ton of heat, but they sure are nice to look at. While the chimney itself might be okay, the logs can get dirty over time. So, a yearly cleanup is a good idea.

  2. Vent-Free Logs: These might not win a beauty contest, but boy, do they heat up a room! Since they don’t vent outside, you need to be super careful. If something goes wrong, it can be dangerous, especially with harmful gases like carbon monoxide. A yearly check is a must. Oh, and if your home uses gas, get a carbon monoxide monitor. If it's older than five years, replace it.

  3. Direct Vent Fireplaces: These are the ones with the glass in front. They look great and keep you warm. But over time, the glass can get cloudy, and the inner workings might need a once-over. Again, a yearly check is the way to go.

Electric Fireplaces? Very minimal maintenance

Now, if you’ve got an electric fireplace, you’re in luck. These are pretty low maintenance. Most times, you don’t need to do much. But if you have one of the fancier ones with an air filter, check that filter yearly. Clean or replace it if needed.

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter what type of fireplace you have. A little bit of regular care goes a long way in keeping your home warm, safe, and cozy. Whether it's wood, gas, or electric, an annual check should be on your to-do list. Need more info? Swing by or call us at Southwest Brick and Fireplace, your friendly Dallas-Fort Worth fireplace experts. We've got the know-how and a wide selection of brick and stone to keep your fireplace looking and working its best. Stay warm, folks!

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